About Us

About Us

We have expanded our engineering and technology know-how, which we have gained through the critical tasks we have undertaken by taking part in national and international projects in the civil and defense industry, by making significant investments and today; We continue to work on land, sea and air platforms in the field of military and civilian autonomous unmanned systems. We produce solutions for the civil, public and private sector needs of our country with the original and critical systems we have developed using domestic resources.

Turkey's defense industry needs, primarily our technology-based activities; We diversify for public and private sector needs and produce innovative solutions in a wide range from civil aviation to agriculture, from law enforcement to military.
Headquartered in the capital city Ankara, Airaks Teknoloji Anonim Şirketi benefits from direct access to suppliers, raw materials and the pool of young, creative talent necessary for sustainable success. By making use of these resources, it takes firm steps forward with the goal of transforming into a global workforce.
Today, Airaks Teknoloji Anonim Şirketi redefines the needs of the modern world. It does its best to realize its work faster by bringing new perspectives and solutions to meet needs in agriculture, defence, search and rescue, disaster relief and other fields.