AR-10 Agriculture Drone

AR-10 Agriculture Drone

AR-10 Agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle, Airaks Teknoloji Anonim Şirketi, which provides autonomous and efficient spraying, preventing crop loss in the field of agricultural spraying.

The AR-10 agricultural unmanned autonomous system uses a radar detection system that provides additional reliability during flight. It offers broad and practical solutions that can meet the multiple needs of existing agricultural unmanned autonomous systems. With the integration of high-precision sensors, advanced industrial precision calibration algorithm, as well as the application of intelligent operation mode, it performs crop protection work in more efficient, accurate and appropriate ways.The Terrain Tracking Radar Module, located under the AR-10 UAV tank, provides tracking of irregularities in agricultural lands. In this way, it provides an effective spraying opportunity on all types of land and prevents possible accidents and crop damage. The module data, which is refreshed 500 times per second, simultaneously detects the distance of the crops to the ZİHA. The optimum spraying height is determined by correlating this data with field data. The AR-10, which can react to relative height in centimeters, offers a highly efficient spraying opportunity by using 40% less pesticide as it can spray regularly even on uneven terrain.

Dimensions (Folded)580x580x600mm
Dimensions (Open)1400x1400x600mm
Payload Weight10 kg
Flight Altitude50 m (Software Limited)
Remote Control Range30 km
Flight Duration21 min. (Full Load)
Battery12S 22000 mAh
Chassis Weight17 kg

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