Interface Design

Interface Design

User interface support is provided with a clear and modern design that works integrated with embedded systems in order to provide command of multi-purpose unmanned land, air and sea vehicles and autonomous mechanisms and to analyze situation data.

  • Minimum CPU usage
  • Better operating performance
  • Possibility of customization in design and software
  • Data-based program service
  • Easy setup
  • Technical support

With our multi-screen and single-screen compatible ground station software specially designed for UAVs, the command of the UAV is easily provided. With the clear and modern design of the UAV flight, sensor, image and efficiency parameters, the screen blindness on the flight screen of the UAV pilot is prevented.

  • Autonomous task definition
  • Viewing device diagnostics
  • Image processing support

With the flexible interface design that provides comfort for the embedded software developed, it is ensured that the data is displayed in your instant tests and reports are prepared.

  • Interface specially developed for the sensors and other equipment used
  • Storing various data with the database system
Software Support

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